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About Us

As a custom fabrication business we are all about Trust, Reputation and Quality.  All our products are custom designed and built to order using traditional woodworking methods while incorporating the precision of CAD and CAM software and machinery.  We specialize in both classic and contemporary designs while understanding the importance of creating harmony between your custom-made wooden gate and the existing style of your home.


Whether you would like a design that accents your traditional-style cottage or one that complements your modern architecture, our designers can capture your vision. 

As you can see, we use a lot of clamps when we build a gate.  We do this because we don't use mechanical fasteners to fabricate our gate.  We cut all our wood on a CNC machine to exacting tolerances (+/- 15/10,000").  With these exacting tolerances we are able do intricate joinery and use only adhesives to glue our gates together thereby eliminating the problems associated with mechanical fasteners (i.e. water penetration through the mechanical fastener hole).  This precision results in our gates having the longest life of any gate made anywhere in the world. 

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